Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Almost time to hang for EnviroHouse #3 in Tacoma – my recycled art is due between June 16th and the 18th. I have 10 pieces ready but wanted to get a few more done…
And of course finish framing and hang tags.

Looking Glass - Mixed Media [recycled materials] (C)2008

Also I have a new opportunity to hang in the small rural town of Republic WA where Stone Soup/Shop the Frontier is based. One of the other businesses in Republic would like to display some art work so I will send over some of my new collages. I will have to use Plexiglas so they can be shipped back after the exhibit is over. Summer time is tourist time there so I hope for some interest in my pieces.

Cheers as I recently sold a sumi-e that was in the Republic office and a pendant that was on . Another sale in Olympia is one of my watercolor pencils sketches of a Jack Rabbit.

I finally finished the Artists in Cellophane art blocks – I make mini sumi-e and adhere them to the blocks and wrap them with “cellophane”. The blocks are placed in retrofitted cigarette machines for “Art-o-Mats”. There are 82 machines located here and there across the country. Their website is:

As far as the classes I have offered this Spring, I have had five classes cancelled just in May for low enrollment. I also had two classes cancel in April!. The Shelton PMC class [Mason County Senior Center] had 10 people signed on but 9 [count them - nine!!!] participants cancelled out. So I will know this Friday if it will run or not. I didn’t listen to my intuition and ordered the PMC Sunday night instead of waiting to order after the first class on Monday June 2. Least I received the call before I drove all the way down to Shelton.

The “Out and About Drawing” drawing class in Bainbridge has been switched to July 30th due to lack of enrollment.
So on Wednesday July 30 from 2-4 pm I will present Watercolor Pencils - the ability to explore line within color sketches; the option to add water to blend some or all of the areas of the sketch and are very portable when working outside.

With the price of gas and fuel/heating rising – people are really watching their pennies!

Fall Schedule:
Turned in my proposals to Extended Ed @ Evergreen, Tacoma Community College Extended Ed and Encore +, Olympia parks and Recreation and South Puget Sound Community College Community Ed… Now I’m waiting for confirmation and verification of dates.

Some new watercolor pencil art work:

First Frost (C) 2008
Shore Bird (C) 2008