Thursday, July 15, 2010

NLS News...

I signed up for this poetry workshop... presentations tips will carry over to my art work....

Sunday, July 18, at 2-4:30 p.m.

Poetry Performance Workshop: Reading Your Work Aloud in Public
Join guest teacher, writer, playwright & actress Kisha X. Palmer as she leads discussions with poet laureate and former public speaking instructor, Tammy Robacker on how to read poetry aloud, combat nervousness, impromptu reading and confidence building. Special appearance and performance by two local Spoken Word artists: Josh Rizeberg and Quincy 'Q Dot' Henry. Both poets will visit to perform, share pointers and inspiration on memorization and stage presence. Attendees are encouraged to bring 2-3 of their own poems for classroom activities and stand up exercises. Don't be shy! Join in the fun!

Stage as Sacred Space
A discussion on the privilege of being on stage and the dynamics inherently at play before you even open your mouth as the performer

Attitude of gratitude
Letting the audience take you in
Exercise: Entrance and Exit-Walking the Plank - an exploration of the way we carry our bodies

-Timing is everything
A discussion of the value and importance of reading out loud at home, an exploration of the pause-and what kind of eye contact do you use?
Exercise: Styles (we will practice diferent styles of speech --operatic, twang, loud, super fast) with text and then find a neutral.

-Your audience wants to love you
A discussion of the attitude and assumptions that might keep us from being our brightest best self at our readings!

News from the National Collage Society

National Collage Society, Inc. , 254 West Streetsboro Street, Hudson, OH

[didn't get an award but fun to be part of this exhibit...]


LOCATION:The Mansfield Art Center: Mansfield, OH and
DATES: June 20, 2010 through July 25, 2010 13 winners images

Craig Lucas, Kent State University Emeritus Professor was the awards judge for this year's exhibit and had this to say:

"I really enjoyed the necessary concentration because of the postcard format limitation. I was pleased with the dimensionality-texture of some of the works. Several I selected were of that nature. I was drawn to the collages that were, for want of a better description - 'poetic', that is there was some sense of scale, in surprise of color or rhythmic incident that played a part in the composition. The range of expression was impressive."

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Auburn Parks and Recreation Fall Classes

Here is my confirmed schedule for Auburn Parks and Recreation Fall Classes offerings...

Painting with Water Soluble Colored Pencils
Ages: 12-16 Sep 26 Sunday 12-5pm #33078 Fee: $52/$65

Have the control of colored pencil with the look of watercolor. Water-soluble colored pencils can match anything you can create with watercolor, plus you will have the ability to create effects impossible with watercolor. Discover the exciting versatility of this medium. Learn about materials, tools, techniques then apply your skills to create a painting. Bring Bristol paper or 90/100 lb smooth surface watercolor or heavy drawing paper and watercolor pencils to class.
Location: Les Gove Park Building 

Ages: 12-16  Oct 10 Sunday 12-5pm    #33079  Fee: $52/$65
Illustrate your own action-adventure, comedy or fantasy writing in a single episode to be continued in your next issue or collection of stories. Learn to draw in the black and white manga style, which means whimsical pictures in Japan. With basic drawing skills and your imagination you will develop your characters and storyline. Bring sketch book, pencil, eraser, and black permanent fine line marker to class.

Location: Les Gove Park Building 

Basic Enameled Jewelry Workshop
Ages: 16 and over  Nov 20 Saturday 9:30a-3pm   #33081/33082s 
Fee: $62/$78; Senior Discount Fee: $57/$72    Supply fee $20.
Location: Parks, Arts & Rec Admin Bldg
Come create pendants, pins and a pair of earrings to keep or for gift giving. Participants will learn basic enameling procedure and simple techniques such as stenciling, sgraffito, overglazes and underglazes on copper. No prior metalwork experience necessary.

Precious Metal Clay Jewelry Workshop
Ages: 16 and over  Dec 5 Sunday 12-5pm   #33083/33084s  Fee: $62/$78; Senior Discount Fee: $57/$72  Location: Parks, Arts & Rec Admin Bldg 

Precious metal clay, fine silver in clay form is used to create unique jewelry pieces and is then fired in a kiln. Explore creating small pendants and earrings to keep or for gift giving. Modeling clay will be used to explore the basic forming techniques. The creative possibilities are endless. Precious Metal Clay material fee is approximately $35-45.

Equine Art and Kids arts classes

Equine Art Exhibit reception...
cool temperatures within Emerald Downs!

My son took the photos and kept making me laugh..
hence the return laughter! His reflection is in the glass...
so much for a "serious" artist type photo!

Had two back to back Comic Book classes Tue-Friday at the Olympia center for the Parks and Rec... 9 to noon and 1 to 4 pm.  Both classes had 12 students age 8-12 - WOW... what energy! Here is one of the students using the light box... Even though the class was 3 hours most managed to really focus and produce really nice work.  I did break out the "Garfied" cartoon books for the last hour - quiet reading and silence... thankful for their elementary teachers who instill the habit of quiet reading!

  more student classes coming soon...

Olympia Parks and Recreation – 222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia WA
Fantasy Sculpture Ages 8-12 July 19-23 9:30 to noon

Art in the Middle Ages and Today Ages 8-12 July 19-23 1 to 3:30pm

Art from Around the World Ages 8-12 July 26-30 9:30 to noon

Ocean and Marine Life Art Adventure Ages 8-12 July 26-30 1 to 3:30pm

Art Sampler Ages 8-12 August 2-6 from 1 to 4

Manga Ages 12-16 August 9-13 9 to noon

Explorations in Watercolor Ages 12-16 August 9-13 1 to 4pm

Shelton Parks & Recreation - Shelton Civic Center, 525 West Cota Street, Shelton, WA 98584 - 360-426-9731

Draw Your Own Comic Book Ages 8-12 August 16-20 9 to noon

Art from Around the World Ages 8-12 August 16-20 from 1to 4 pm