Sunday, October 14, 2007

Exhibits for 2008

Pragmatic - collage for EnviroHouse Exhibit

Researching and submitting to various venues for exhibits for 2008 takes a fair amount of studious commitment and investigatory skills. The Internet certainly makes the research easier. I am a member of which has many listings and I subscribe to which has relevant articles on art business plus listings. I also am a member of WA that has good resources, possibilities, employment listings etc... So I’ve selected twenty venues and sent submission forms/applications to Pacific NW locations over the last several weeks.

So here are my upcoming exhibits till the end of the year…
Sept 5 – October 15 – Banned Book Display [Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone] , Kirkland Library, 308 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland, WA
Sept 28 to Nov 15th – Orange Crush, 2007 Themed Exhibit – Lynnwood Arts Commission Art Gallery, Lynnwood, WA
Nov 2-4 – Enso Center’s 5th Annual Art Exhibit, 9215 185th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98053
Nov 4/07-Jan/06/08 Good Taste, Group Exhibit, The Sisters Restaurant, [Curator Lyussy Hyder, Solovei Art Gallery], Everett, WA

And here are my first two for 2008:

June 16 – September 16/2008 – EnviroHouse # 3, Tacoma EnviroHouse, 3510 South Mullen Street, Tacoma, WA

July20 – August 23/2008 Circles in Square Holes, Arts West Gallery, 4711 California Ave. SW, West Seattle, WA

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Class Correction

This class has been changed from Oct 13th to Dec 8th due to classroom scheduling problems.

Dec 8 Watercolor: Textures and Techniques
Saturday one day workshop - 9am to 4 pm - Supply list sent upon enrollment.
The Evergreen State College Extended Education Program - Call for more information 360-867-5515 or

Hint – Always update your paper and PC calendar. Duh – Luckily I’m good about checking in with a venue as it gets close to a scheduled class. Most venues let me know a week before if the class has full enrollment and will run as scheduled but some leave it up to the instructor to check the class status.

Lakewood Senior Activity Center and Lakewood Parks and Recreation will offer some of my classes Winter Quarter. Just waiting for confirmations from TCC and TESC Extended Ed. Tomorrow I contact Lacey and Shelton Community Centers to try to schedule a few more classes. Better to overbook in case some classes don’t get full enrollment but of course I will be out flat if they all run but that’s earning a living as a self employed artist and art instructor.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Award, Exhibits and Winter Quarter classes

That's me at The Fine Art Exhibit, WA State Fair, in Puyallup, WA where I placed 2nd in the Miniature Division.

The last few weeks I have been submitting for exhibits at various venues for 2008/9. Hint for emerging artists, don’t waste money on juried exhibits unless the venue is really worth the fee, i.e. for me that would be the collage society or sumi group = jury of your peers. The first few years, I spent a lot of money on submission fees, shipping to and fro and did not reap many sales from all that expense. My goal now is to submit to various opportunities that do not have submission fees or at least have a minimal cost for publication/reception expenses. Let your work speak for itself. Keep developing your technique and submit to better exhibit venues as your work becomes stronger.

If you teach art classes to support yourself [such a left brain activity compared to creative right brain] keep track of proposal due dates for the next quarter. Here it is early October and most places have their teaching schedule for Winter Quarter all blocked out! I use my PC calendar but have a handwritten large calendar and use different high lighters to indicate art drop off, reception, art pick up, instruction deadlines, and class schedule data. I have had my PC calendar crash… luckily I had my big handwritten copy to refer to.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Art Walk & Fall Art Class Offerings

Although Chica’s CafĂ© has wonderful atmosphere and excellent food, I found that most art walk visitors are intimidated about coming into the restaurant to view art. Next door the co-op gallery had over 300 visitors while I had about 20 people come in to see my work or watch me demo Sumi-e. Not very conducive for getting the word out for the remainder of my fall classes which are listed below:
Oct 13 9am to 4 pm - Watercolor: Textures and Techniques - TESC Extended Education Program-360-867-5515 -

October 15 - 6 to 8:30 pm - Introduction to Precious Metal Clay
Olympia P and R – l 360-753-8380

October 20 - 9 to 4 pm - Introduction to Sumi-e Olympia P and R –l 360-753-8380

Oct 23 - 6:30 to 8:30 pm -Zen Brush with Color
TESC Extended Ed 360-867-5515

Oct 27 - 10 to 4 pm - Painting with Water Soluble Colored Pencils -DiscoverU, (206)365-0400

Nov 3 - 9 am to 3 pm - Art of Handmade Paper - Holiday Style
TESC Extended Education - 360-867-5515

Nov 10th - 10 9 to 4 pm - Altered Books –
SPSCC Community Ed. - 360-596-5365

Nov 17th - 10 to 3 pm - Art of Handmade Paper - Holiday Style
Discover U (206)365-0400

Nov 26th - 6:30 to 8:30 pm - Art of Handmade Paper –
Olympia P and R 360-753-8380

Nov 28th - 6 to 9 pm - SUMI NAGASHI - FLOATING INKTESC Extended Education Program

Dec 1- 10 to 2 pm - SUMI NAGASHI [FLOATING INK] for gift wrap
Discover U (206)365-0400

Dec 5th - 6 to 8:30 pm - SUMI NAGASHI [FLOATING INK for gift wrap
Olympia P and R 360-753-8380

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall 07 Olympia Art Walk

Tomorrow, Friday Oct. 5th is the Fall Art Walk in Olympia, WA. I will be doing a demo of Sumi-e painting at Chica's Cafe on Legion Way [location #19 on the Art Walk map]. I hung my Sumi-e and Collage pieces this morning in their dinning room. I'm already primed for all the talking as I gave a mini talk at Gloria Dei Lutharen Church on Harrison Ave last night. My Sumi-e work has hung in their foyer since August. Sumi means ink and "e" means painting. So Sumi-e is ink painting brought to Japan by Chinese Buddhist monks.
As you see by example many of my Sumi-e are whimsical in nature. This paintings is "Whooops!!!" and was part a March exhibit called Abodes: Birdhouses and Nests" held at The Gallery, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts on Bainbridge Island. I was one of about 10 artists asked to prepare pieces for the exhibit. I just dropped new pieces both Sumi-e and Collage last Sunday at BAC for the fall.