Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall 07 Olympia Art Walk

Tomorrow, Friday Oct. 5th is the Fall Art Walk in Olympia, WA. I will be doing a demo of Sumi-e painting at Chica's Cafe on Legion Way [location #19 on the Art Walk map]. I hung my Sumi-e and Collage pieces this morning in their dinning room. I'm already primed for all the talking as I gave a mini talk at Gloria Dei Lutharen Church on Harrison Ave last night. My Sumi-e work has hung in their foyer since August. Sumi means ink and "e" means painting. So Sumi-e is ink painting brought to Japan by Chinese Buddhist monks.
As you see by example many of my Sumi-e are whimsical in nature. This paintings is "Whooops!!!" and was part a March exhibit called Abodes: Birdhouses and Nests" held at The Gallery, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts on Bainbridge Island. I was one of about 10 artists asked to prepare pieces for the exhibit. I just dropped new pieces both Sumi-e and Collage last Sunday at BAC for the fall.

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