Monday, October 8, 2007

Award, Exhibits and Winter Quarter classes

That's me at The Fine Art Exhibit, WA State Fair, in Puyallup, WA where I placed 2nd in the Miniature Division.

The last few weeks I have been submitting for exhibits at various venues for 2008/9. Hint for emerging artists, don’t waste money on juried exhibits unless the venue is really worth the fee, i.e. for me that would be the collage society or sumi group = jury of your peers. The first few years, I spent a lot of money on submission fees, shipping to and fro and did not reap many sales from all that expense. My goal now is to submit to various opportunities that do not have submission fees or at least have a minimal cost for publication/reception expenses. Let your work speak for itself. Keep developing your technique and submit to better exhibit venues as your work becomes stronger.

If you teach art classes to support yourself [such a left brain activity compared to creative right brain] keep track of proposal due dates for the next quarter. Here it is early October and most places have their teaching schedule for Winter Quarter all blocked out! I use my PC calendar but have a handwritten large calendar and use different high lighters to indicate art drop off, reception, art pick up, instruction deadlines, and class schedule data. I have had my PC calendar crash… luckily I had my big handwritten copy to refer to.


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