Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shoreline Forrest Park Arts Commission Gallery news

Picked up my art work early from the Shoreline Forrest Park Art Commission Gallery in Forest Park yesterday.  Finaaly photographed the display...  I will still have my Sumi-e and collage blank notecards avaiable for sale at the gallery.

Inward Song viewed from front window...
Wall one of Zen Collages - Flourescent lights, oh my!
 part of grouping on white wall
sold a collage... I have to say this is the first of my Zen Collages [size 20X16 or 16X20} to sell!

I was waiting to take them down and getting the boxes ready at the Shoreline Forrest Park Arts Commission Gallery.

A shopper/client was picking out some things. Carla said to her, this is one of our artists.

Carol, shopper said "which ones", so I was showing her some of my details like handmade paper, hand cast faces, and here's Suminagahshi, Japanese paper marbling... its the piece on the left in this image - Qualitative
She said "I didn't even see them as I was looking at the items on the floor."

She finishes her purchases but asks "how big is that piece, I have my tape with me." So they went to measure as I said 16HX20..

"I think I have the perfect spot for this. How long is going to be here, I can check it on Monday."

I said I was taking them down as I had an exhibit to hang on Monday.

She said... "let me get my color sample kit, I live close by..." within 10 minutes she was back and the colors went well - ta Dah...

there was some other additional chatting about how peaceful the design was, etc...

So its going in her foyer and will be the first thing her guests see!!!!

a happy customer! happy artist and happy Carla!

so a whole lotta Happy was going on!!!!So here's the great story -

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