Thursday, May 27, 2010

Olympia Regional Learning Acdemy Fall 2010 Art Classes

Here are my fall 2010 class offereings @ ORLA
Olympia Regional Learning Academy  360) 596-7730
Home school classes @ the old Rogers Elementary School

"A Timeline of Art" - time travel and create as one of the earliest artists – students begin as artists making the cave paintings of Lascaux. Each week we progress up the art time line portraying Greek, Byzantine, Middle Ages and more styles while helping to broaden the understanding of historically significant artwork.

Projects include:

portraits in charcoal, prehistoric cave animal style paintings [watercolor], rock animals [acrylic], Greek pottery design [sharpies], Byzantine style mosaic [paper], Celtic-style “stone” carving [plaster board], resist painting [watercolor], Middle Ages dragon design [embossed metal], Renaissance style drawing [pencil], Art Noveau floral design [colored pencils], Gustave Klimt design [collage and scratch paper].

Week 1 – portraits & animal paintings

Charcoal, gummy easers, stumps, oil pastels, WC paper/ or brown craft paper

Week 2 – rock animals

Acrylic paint, brushes, water dishes, rocks

Week 3 – Greek pottery design

Sharpies, orange paper, newsprint

Week 4 - Byzantine mosaic

Colored paper cut into squares, glue, newsprint to plan, poster board

Week 5 – Celtic style stone carving

Plaster board… something to carve into with linoleum cutters

Week 6 – Celtic style resist painting

Watercolors, watercolor paper, white wax crayons

Week 7 – Middle Ages – dragon

Foam core, embossing metal, embossing tools, newsprint, tape

Week 8 – Renaissance style drawing

Pencils, drawing paper, erasers

Week 9 – Art Noveau – floral designs

Colored pencils, fine point sharpies, paper, newsprint paper for sketch

Week 10 – Gustave Klimt design

Scratch paper, newsprint, scratch paper tools, glue and magazines

Unique Collaborations: bring your imagination to this series of two dimensional drawing and painting projects using art materials in unusual ways.

Projects include: self-portrait face card design [markers], patterned ink drawing [sharpies], watercolors of fall leaves, French "tole painting" [acrylic], "Hard Edge" abstraction [poster paint], tessellation design [colored pencils], monochromatic painting [watercolor], relief painting [acrylic], paper casting/embossing, painting" with colorful paper pulp, glue batik [watercolor]

Week 1 – Design Face card

Drawing paper 11X18, markers, light box, newsprint, pencils

Week 2 – patterned ink drawings

Paper, pencil, colored sharpies

Week 3 – fall leaves watercolor

Watercolors, watercolor paper, wax crayons

Week 4 – French “tole painting”

Acrylics, brushes, canvass paper, water dishes

Week 5 – “hard Edge” abstraction

Poster paint, poster board, brushes, pencils, newsprint, water dishes

Week 6 – tessellation design

Colored pencils, pencils, drawing paper, newsprint

Week 7 – monochromatic painting

Watercolors, watercolor paper, pencils, brushes, newsprint and water dishes

Week 8 – relief painting

Acrylic, mat board, brushes, pencil, newsprint, water dishes

Week 9 – paper casting/embossing

Various paper pulp, blender, paper casting screens, spoons, paper vats

Week 10 – glue batik

Glue, acrylic paint, brushes, fabric, water containers, newsprint, pencils, markers

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