Monday, September 22, 2008

1st 2009 exhibit

The Fireplace Gallery director Pam Kuretich at Mt. Hood Community College contacted me this morning to announce my selection for their November 2008- June 2009 solo exhibits. My exhibit will run for the month of June 2009.

I will be exhibiting my Zen Collages - artist statement below:
Ever since the cubists began splicing newspaper images into their compositions, collage has been a recognized medium for expression. The basic meaning of "collage,” comes from the French “coller”, meaning "to glue or stick". With today’s bountiful materials I find there are many mixed media techniques that can be incorporated into collage but I work at a simple approach. I incorporate circles and squares using various papers, embossed metal and a variety of ways to connect parts such as brads, wire, thread and more in a one third to two thirds layout.

Work in my new series exhibits my fully realized process of connecting mind, body, spirit and heart. In addition, the Zen concepts of balance and harmony found in my Sumi-e painting form a delicate relationship between the various surfaces in my pieces. Inspired by the seasonal palette of the Pacific Northwest, I find the act of expressing myself through collage to be renewing and healing experience.

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