Sunday, September 7, 2008

Puyallup Fair Demo, New Creations & Classes

Saturday Sept. 6th I was volunteering in the Fine Art Department of the Puyallup Fair doing collage demo along with 4 other artists who worked in the following media: colored pencil, pastel, watercolor and acrylic. We've all had mini's accepted over the years so each of us was creating in miniature. I scanned five of my six creative efforts made during the day long sessions.
I did sell a couple of my Sumi-e miniatures so food & gas cost for the day will be covered!

Tomorrow starts the Fall quarter of classes...
Check my earlier post or my website for the class listings.

I haven't updated images on the website - webmaster changed hosts and my new PW doesn't seem to let me in.... whenever that is ironed out new images will be psoted.

Shop the Frontier has posted my watercolor pencil art work @ and the remaining sumi-e have been reduced in price.

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