Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shop the Frontier - free shipping

Stay warm, cozy up to your laptop and SAVE BIG! Use coupon code COOLSHIPPING during checkout to get FREE SHIPPING off any order of $50 or more before October 31st. Shop the Frontier today!
Also, don't forget to check out our overflowing clearance section at Shop the Frontier. From jewelry to housewares to fine art, we've got it all... on sale!

Shop the Frontier is a rural nonprofit marketplace -- every item you purchase a product, it assists us in providing new and better services to the community. In September, we trained local community members who were previously unfamiliar with computers, how to navigate a laptop and the internet and set up their own e-mail addresses. We also lent four laptops to community members to help them become more familiar with the day to day workings of the computer.

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