Thursday, November 20, 2008

Closing Reception - Banned Books - Kirkland Library

I reworked M. C. Escher's book - The Graphic Work of M. C. Escher which was almost banned due to its demonic images and nudity. I collaged various image onto of some of the images, covered up others, and added little stickers demanding the book be banned that were quotes from the group that tried to ban the book from an elementary library.

Announcement from Kirkland Library:
There will be a closing reception at the Kirkland library banned books show. Artworks include FAC artist Sarah Lovett, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath... Please come see these refigured books. It is a hands on exhibit.Sunday December 7th 5-7 pm. Kirkland Library, on Kirkalnd Avenue, downtown Kirkalnd.

Also I have agreed to donate my "banned" book to The King County Library System Foundation to offer the art pieces at auction at the 2009 fundraiser. Last year their director, Jeanne Thorsen, arranged for all donated pieces to be beautifully displayed, with contact information about each participating artist.
I was quoted in the Kirkland Reporter article "An artistic take on banned books"
Oct 29 2008 · By Brittni Reinertsen [ entertainment 10/29/08]
Artist Ellen Miffitt also recognized the political tone of this year’s exhibit.
“In this current political climate, it is very important to make sure that even more rights are not restricted by the federal government,” Miffitt said. “I don't think people realize how closely we are all monitored in the name of safety.”

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