Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shop the Frontier - Big Recycled Basket Art Contest

I won the Contest!!!! Here's my wining recycled bag:

We’re so excited about our latest recycling idea and hope you’ll join us in a contest to create wonderful, artistic gift bags made from recycled materials!At Shop The Frontier, we support recycling and re-using. We also support local artists. So when we knew it was time to order bags and baskets for the holidays, we decided to ask out arts community to join us in our efforts to promote local artists and arts by sponsoring the Big Recycled Basket Art Contest! We would like to see everyone join us in creating some wonderful, artistic gift bags and baskets for our use during the holiday season. Your signed basket will be used as a gift basket filled with wonderful handcrafted local goods.. It’s good for the environment, it promotes Shop The Frontier and it promotes your work as an artist.

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