Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rainier Symphony Violin Fundraiser Project

I just received this email.. I created the violin in 2006 and I wondered what happened to it!
My theme was Midsummer's Night Dream

Rainier Symphony is incredibly thankful for your support and the stunning artwork that you provided to us with the painted violin you so graciously provided to us. We know that it has been a while since the violins were donated to us. In this period of time, the violins have been kept in special care as we decided on the way to make the best and most appropriate use of them.We have decided to focus this year's fundraising efforts on the Painted Violin Project. This spring, we will be auctioning the violins in an online event. We will also be showcasing them at each concert series and on our website. Patrons can buy them ahead of the auction time if they do not want to take the chance of being outbid.As part of our online display, we are going to include the Artist Statement you provided with the original donation of the violin. If you have no objection, we would also like to display your website information as well with the violin so that our patrons may have more information about you and your artwork. If you would like to have your website information linked to the violin you created for us, please respond to this email. Also, if you would like to reverse link from your site to our violin auction site, please feel free to do so; we want the public to know of your great work.Thank you again for your support and your patience as we determined the best option for the painted violins.

Kristine Patterson
Recording Secretary
Rainier Symphony-

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