Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2010 Chair Affair - Furnishing Hope

I've signed up for this wonderful fundraiser...
2010 Chair Affair will be held at the Tacoma Art Museum on the evening of March 4th, 2010. Artists will be recognized with a photo and bio displayed next to their chair, as well as in several other print locations (like the program).

Chair Affair 2010 - Furnishing Hope

Artist Guidelines:

Please read the following guidelines and keep them in consideration while designing your chair/item. These requirements must be met in order for your chair/other piece of furniture to be displayed in the silent and/or live auction.

1. The item must be fully complete with all items securely attached to it. If a piece of decoration falls off the chair it will be considered broken and will not be displayed.

2. The items must be safe (no broken glass, sharp metal, etc.) and appropriate for viewing by patrons of all ages. Pieces deemed dangerous or inappropriate will not be displayed.

3. The chair/items ideally should be functional and usable in a home or business. If it is not weight bearing and is meant only for decoration please make sure to clearly state that in the chair description.

4. Do not reproduce logos or other copyrighted written material on your piece. However, it is OK to be inspired by other works of art or images in popular culture, as long as you make significant changes in your interpretation of the original.

5. Always bear in mind that your objective is to create a work of art that will raise as much money as possible for the NW Furniture Bank. Themes that appeal to the general public, as well as furniture that is designed specifically for children, most consistently bring in great revenue.

6. Please include your name on the underside of the chair as well as attaching a copy of the Artist Information form to the chair. Be sure both the chair and the form arrive at NW Furniture Bank by Friday, February 5th, 2010.

7. The NW Furniture Bank is a non-profit organization and the money and time you spend designing the chair is tax deductible. Please save your receipts--we will provide a receipt letter to verify your donation after the event.

8. You will receive one free ticket and the opportunity to purchase additional tickets to Chair Affair 2010 upon return of your chair/furniture piece. Please invite and encourage others to purchase tickets to the Affair.

9. If you decide not to create a piece for Chair Affair 2010, please notify us no later than Dec. 1st, and arrange to return your selected item for use by another artist.

10. If you have any questions regarding the Artist Guidelines, please call Dion Rurik at 253-229-0269 or e-mail:

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