Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One side of my "Art Door" is completed... used stencils of fish to make it look like an aquarium. It Measures 17.5"HX79"W.

Fundraiser is for Tacoma Art Place, 1116 S. 11th Street, Tacoma WA 98405
Venue for the Art Auction is : Speakeasy Arts Cooperative, 746 Broadway, downtown Tacoma
The rules are - there ain't no rules! But its better for all involved if the door is attractive enough to attract a buyer.Door can be any size, any shape or any material. It can be a pocket door, a screen door, a cabinet door, a car door, an airplane door - if its a door then it qualifies.Does it have to be usable as a door? No. In order for the buyer to use it as a door, your door would have to meet the measurements of the door jam they intend to install it. We will ask you to measure your door and label it just in case someone is looking for dimensions but last year my impression was that people just bought the door they liked and leaned it against a wall in their homes as if it were a giant painting.

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