Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fall 2010 Art Classes Oly Parks & Rrecreation

Olympia Parks and Recreation – 222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia WA 98501 Call 360.753.8380

Design Principles: An Introduction Monday Sept 13-Oct 4 [4] from 6 to 8pm

DESIGN is the basis for all other art courses and it includes the elements and principles of art. The material will be presented through hands on studio problems in two dimensions. These will cover line, shape, texture, value and color. Also the topics of balance, unity repetition, and other principles will be introduced through simple projects. These exercises will provide you with the tools to create compositions in any medium. Bring pencil, eraser, pad of Bristol paper 11”X14”

Introduction to Sumi-e Tues Sept 14- Nov 2nd [8] from 6 to 8 pm

Instructor Ellen Miffitt will introduce you to the four treasures: ink stick, ink stone, brush and paper. The simplicity and spontaneity of brush painting begins by learning to hold the brush, making the basic strokes, and loading the brush to create tones and depth. The goal is to break away from logical thinking and to be spontaneous in expressing with the brush.

Ready! Set! Draw!: Drawing from the Right Side Wed Sept 15 –Nov 10 [9] 6 to 8 pm

Have you always wanted to draw - are looking for a way to express your creativity? This basic course in drawing will introduce the participant to a number different exercises that help you understand how an artist sees. These will include: upside down drawing; contour and gesture drawing; the value scale and blending techniques; and using a basic unit and sighting. Suggested reading The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. Bring a soft pencil (4B is good), an eraser and a sketch pad no smaller than 8 x 11 to class.

Block Printing: Linoleum Cut – Monday Oct 18-Nov 1 [3] from 6 to 8 pm

Learn techniques for the relief printmaking process using the flexibility and ease of linoleum. A relief is achieved by carving into the surface using special tools to leave raised images. These images are then inked and printed without a press to create a dynamic and textured print that can have many layers and colors. Students have the option of creating a multi-block image or themed cards to exchange with students to complete an edition. Open to both teens and adults.

Zen Brush with Color Tuesday Nov 9 -30 [4] 6 to 8 pm

First begin by practicing brush control and continue the basic stroke study by painting the “Four Gentlemen” and the “Four Seasons” in color (with a flower representing each season). Using the refined sumi-e style, students learn to paint flowers, insects, birds, and animals with simple strokes in color. the instructor will provide paper and all other materials.

Definitely not your Mother's stenciling Monday Nov 8 – 30th from 6 to 8 pm

This stenciling class is suited for everyone with a desire to learn the art of stenciling. Basic stenciling, free form, stacking, shading and free hand embellishments are taught. Come learn proper brush loading, paint application and shading to achieve stunning results. Stencil repair and cutting is also covered. Participants will need to bring an article of clothing, tote bag and/or some fabric squares each week to work on.


Painting with Water Soluble Colored Pencils Sat. 9 to Noon Sept 25, Oct 2, 9, 16, 23

Want the look of watercolor and the control of colored pencil? Water-soluble colored pencils can match anything watercolor do, plus have the ability to create effects impossible with watercolor. Discover this medium's exciting versatility. Learn about materials, tools, and techniques, and then apply this information to create a painting. Participants bring watercolor paper & watercolor pencils to class.

Manga age 12-16 Saturday 1 to 4pm Sept 25, Oct 2, 9,16, 23

Are you a fan of anime and manga? In Japan, people of all ages read manga ["whimsical pictures"]. Are you interested in learning to draw in the black and white manga style – then this is the class for you! Illustrate your action-adventure, comedy, or fantasy writing in a single episode - to be continued in the next issue or collection of stories. Basic drawing skills and more that you need to know to develop your characters and storyline. Bring sketch book, pencil, eraser, and black permanent fine line marker to class.

Handmade Paper for Embellishing Holiday Projects Saturday Nov 6th 9 to noon

Not only is making homemade paper a fun experience for you, but it's a good way to recycle waste into wonderful possibilities such as envelopes, greeting cards, artwork and more. Making paper is a fun way to express your creativity and homemade papers are the perfect additions to holiday greeting cards, gift tags, wrapping paper and more!" A supply list with directions for making a simple mold & deckle and press will be mailed with your registration confirmation.

Holiday Art Cards Saturday Nov 6th 1 to 4pm

Make your own holiday greeting cards [ pop-ups, collage, and some simple watercolor techniques]. Discover how simple folding, transfer, painting and collage techniques can lead to surprising and beautiful holiday greeting cards. For the Beginner to Experienced Student

Basic Enameling Jewelry Saturday Nov 13th from 9 to 3 pm

The art of creating with enamel on metal is a well-documented art form.
Come create some pendants, pins and a pair of earrings for gift giving. Participants will learn basic enameling procedure and simple techniques such as stenciling, sgraffito, overglazes & underglazes on copper. No prior metalwork experience necessary.

Precious Metal Clay Jewelry Sat Dec 4th from 9 to 3 pm

Precious Metal Clay fine silver in clay form, is used to create unique jewelry pieces in a short amount of time and then is simply fired in a kiln. Explore creating small pendants and earrings for your own unique jewelry or for gift giving in this class. Before working directly with the PMC, modeling clay will be used to explore the basic forming techniques. After you have gained the basic skills needed to work with Precious Metal Clay, the creative possibilities are endless.