Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ruston's Adirondack Chair Fundraiser announcement

Tacoma its Traveling Suitcases; now Ruston has added to the list by inviting 21 local artists to create masterpieces on Adirondack chairs. The results are spectacular and will be displayed on the town’s quaint grassy boulevard from June 21st to July 4th. The event kicks off with a reception on Monday, June 21st from 5 to 7 pm on the median at 51st and Winnifred Streets.

21 artists from Everett to Olympia have jumped on board, donating their talent to create distinctive works of art that will be sold to the highest bidder. Net proceeds benefit Ruston Arts and Parks, leaving a lasting legacy for the community to enjoy.

From the bright colors on the chair created by Lucia Kryger to the windswept summer feel of the chair by Chris Cozine, each chair offers a different style and a glimpse at the talent of our local arts community. Seven of the 21 artists are from Ruston, a town of only about 1,000 residents. Creative juices run free in this small town, where small town America survives surrounded by urban Tacoma.

Ruston has survived a rough transition from a company town that housed one of the country’s primary copper smelters to one of the region’s high-end neighborhoods. Local news reports often focus on the challenging political scene and neighborhood squabbles, but this event brings the community together in positive ways to celebrate the creative, committed artists who make our world a better place.


For more details on each artist or to preview the chairs, contact Lucy Davis at (253) 756-5392 or or Ginger Kryger at (253) 752-3041 or

Participating artists:
Colett Judd, Ruston
Elise Lindberg, Packwood
Michael Coucoules, Ruston
Laurie Dahl Isacson, Olalla
Chris Cozine, Tacoma
Irina Fernandez, Seattle
Dawn Gossage, Ruston
Lucia Kryger, Tacoma
Mary Mann, Tacoma Students of SAMI, Tacoma
Amanda DeSilver, Everett Jr. Demei & Casey Kryger, Ruston
Miriam Weldon, Ruston
Ellen Miffitt, Olympia
Lindsay Larsen, Tacoma
Heidi Grace Kress, Ruston
Stephanie Bennett, Tacoma
John Armstrong, Tacoma
Ben Meeker, Vashon
Spencer Monahan, Ginger Kryger & Lucy Davis, Ruston

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