Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Accepted for Nov Episode 4: Haste Management

Accepted for this recycled exhibit...

Visage, 1046 NW Johnson, Portland, Oregon 97209.
Leave No Plastic Behind is proud to present Episode 4: "Haste Management".
Artwork will be exhibited at Visage in November 2008, with the official opening during the Pearl District's first Thursday art walk on November 6.

Leave No Plastic Behind entrants agree to live plastic-free for the same three-month time period. A plastic-free lifestyle refrains from purchasing items that are packaged in any sort of single-use plastic, including: to-go coffee lids, plastic cups or cutlery, water, prepackaged foods, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, dish soap, laundry soap, utensils, etc. Any plastic accumulated must not be trashed or recycled curbside. During the course of these three months, artists make paintings/sculptures/mobiles/ multi-media collages, video, film, poems, music, etc using or "inspired" by the collected plastics. Photography welcome for this episode!Artists gain the exciting chance of high profile exposure, selection for future campaign promotions and being part of a truly progressive, grassroots movement for change.

Leave No Plastic Behind is working to create partnerships among artists and concerned organizations in order to raise awareness about single-use plastic in our environment and to help initiate meaningful policies against its continued widespread manufacture and use. For more information and an improved website, see www.LNPB.org.

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