Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Artists'Garage Sale - May 22

Keep May 22 open for this artlacious event !!!!

News - the Artists' Garage Sale is a go:
This new partnership between POSSCA and the Arts Commission for 2010 represents a changing of the guard for the Artists' Garage Sale. What would have been a project elimination due to City budget cuts has turned into a fundraising opportunity for one of Olympia's most venerable arts organizations. POSSCA's mission to promote arts & arts education in the South Sound region is very much in keeping with the interests of the Arts Commission, and the increase in fees for the event will go to scholarships for community's young artists. The Arts Commission is pleased to have found such a perfect partner in POSSCA and will work with them this year to show them the ropes, so that the transition of event management between our two organizations is as seamless as possible. Another change to the application process is a second application sheet noting more detailed expectations for the event, pulled together from last year's evaluations. These are the changes that you, the vendors, wanted to see in the event, so please make note of them.

Changed the date of this class so I can participate in the Artists' Garage Sale
Handmade Artist's Journals – Saturday Aug 14 from 9 to 3:30pm

Mixed Media, Watercolor - In this workshop, fabric, embroidery floss, paper, paint, gesso, inks, and crayons are many of the mediums you use to create unique handmade stitched books which can be a personal journals or a record of a particular event or holiday. Construct books from scratch with decorative and unique covers and learn how to make wonderfully rich, organic pages and decorate them with stitching, incorporate windows, flaps, found objects, material, threads, beads and embroidery to create a richly embellished book. If you have an idea for a book, bring items you may want to put in your book/journal to use as inspiration - photos, dried flowers, leaves, tickets, letters, post cards, interesting poetry or prose, or any other kind of printed memorabilia. Olympia Parks and Recreation – 222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia WA 98501 Call 360.753.8380

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