Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oily - Poem to be published in Earl Grey Over Easy

My first poem, other than a collection self published works for Kate Gleason's writing workshops in Keene NH is being published in Earl Grey Over Ee theme was "Cute"....

Almost gave my brother

my credit card number…

His son needed air fare

to attend our Dad’s memorial

“but… I could use your card.”

His oily voice reached across

time to our home’s basement;

my play space under the stairs

where I had my dolls and toys.

These words oozed from his lips,

“Girls are different than boys…”

What does a cute four year old

who trusts her older brother know.

Earl Grey Over Easy

Earl Grey Over Easy is a (new!) small monthly publication out of Bellingham, WA. We are collectors of miscellany- stories, findings, tidbits, nonsense, DIY, photography, illustration, realism, abstract, whatever. ...

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