Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Blue Marble Exhibit

Big Blue Marble Art Exhibit on Dec 12th is coming up....
need to frame my three entries but since it is warm and sunny
I am cleaning the garage - I save soooooooooo much stuff for
classes and today is "Purge-the-Excess" Day!!!!!

I missed the E4E Showcase last night as my car decided to conk out
on me and was at the garage getting refurbished: new oil, air filter,,
and trying to determine its non function...

Big Blue Marble: Your artwork is being posted on Group Show 2009
page on the website:
Be sure to tell your friends about the art show at Critter Crossing:
December 12th from 11:00am. to 5:00pm.
The Gallery for the show will be at Noel's house.
Address on Noel's driveway is:
3948 Cooper Point Rd. NW. Olympia, WA.
It is Right next to Karen's house at 4004.

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