Friday, December 11, 2009

Global Art Project called Peaceful Soleutions

My vision of peace... the contentedness of cats curled up: safe, sound, warm, plenty of food, adequate shelter, tender loving care and lots of love.  I wish that for the world... people's rights to be safe, healthy, have adequate shelter and food, free from oppression, fear and hate.

Mercury and my right foot

My left foot - a happy black cat....

Putting the eye details on my right foot cat

Right foot cat all finished

Using paint, markers, henna, stamps, ink, etc, decorate the soles of your feet, reflecting your vision of peace. Wrap black fabric around the feet, then photograph them so only the soles are visible. Send the jpg image (labeled yourname.jpg) to, indicating GAP feet in the subject line. There is no fee to participate.

The images will be incorporated into a peace montage, and sent to another country as part of a global art exchange in April 2010.
Detailed instructions are available at
Deadline: December, 31, 2009 [this is an extended date]
Contact: Suzanne Gray

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