Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun Art Call found on Craigslist

This sounds like fun - painting a ceiling tile for this new restaurant in Shelton, WA... Here is the actual art call:

We are in the process of remodeling the old Big E's building into a new, all-age venue full of artwork, creativity, entertainment, and good pizza/food. We would like to involve the community as much as possible, and are currently painting and for a short time, we will have ceiling tiles (large) available for local ARTISTS to PICK UP and take home to paint/oil pastel, etc. almost anything you want and bring it back to the restaurant to be IMMORTALIZED 4EVER for the life of the new ahBADABING! restaurant. PLUS: the THEME is THE MAFIA! This is your chance to get CRAZY CREATIVE and paint whatever you want. You could also have a chance at putting your artwork up on the walls, etc. of the restaurant, murals, whatever. We would like the community to help and create this into a cool place that they want to hang out in ( as opposed to just another BAR in Shelton. this is all age now!) and prove that Shelton can have a cool entertainment venue besides another bar! Call Brian at (360) 584-6148 with any ideas or questions. COME GET UR TILE BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!

So I contacted them and their response follows- will try to get down there ASAP and get a tile to paint!

Hello from ahBADABING!
I have read over your craigslist "artist" reply email and have looked at your artist link. Your stuff is absolutely amazing and we would love to have you paint something for us. The ceiling tiles are standard size, pretty large. There are also smaller ones though.
The only real regulations we have is that anything mafia-themed goes. Pretty much anything you want to paint (or with other mediums). Right now in our process of remodeling, would be a good time to stop by and grab that tile. We are there every single day, and yes, will be there Sunday as well as Thursday. I would encourage you to call our boss, Brian Dmilo at (360) 584-6148 as soon as possible to schedule a time to stop by (we are there mornings and evenings). He can also answer any questions for you.
Oh, and our main colors are green, white, and red, like the Italian flag--as well as black. You aren't restricted to use these colors, they're just recommended, and you don't have to use ALL of them in one painting either.
Thank you for your interest and we hope to be able to display your art up and get you some exposure.
Sincerely, Angelina M. ( American Property Solutions, LLC & ahBADABING!)

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