Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Submission's tonight!!!!

Another Artist Trust listing that I am submitting to...

MORE INFO: Nicole Stremlow-Monahan, (206) 510-3421
Art On The Ridge is booking artists right now for the year of 2009. We feature new artists each month through hanging the artwork in our Gallery as well as participation in an art event with live music, poetry, and occasionally other performances or discussion groups. Art On The Ridge will organize private showings, promos, etc to motivate buyers. Artists also have an opportunity to have their work, a bio, and links posted on our web site for one year.
To Apply:Please send at least 3 examples of current work you would like to show via attachments in e-mail as well as a brief description of your work.
info@artontheridge.com, (206) 510-3421

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