Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Submission to Confluence Gallery

Artist Trust listing - great source for art calls! http://www.artisttrust.org/

I submitted some of my cat Sumi-e and blank note cards with original sumi-e [image is of a note card]...

Deadline: November, 13, 2010 Confluence Gallery and Art Center is currently seeking artists and craftspeople who create specifically children-oriented works for display and sale in our gallery/gift shop. Toys, clothing, and children's furniture are but a few of the possibilities!
Confluence Gallery has flourished since 1988 as a hub of the arts community in Twisp, Washington. The gallery holds seven group and individual exhibits each year, showcasing the work of local and regional artists from North Central Washington. Special exhibitions draw from farther a field, highlighting noteworthy artists from the Pacific Northwest.
One of few non-profit art galleries in the country, Confluence is intertwined in its community, as a gathering place for reading and discussion groups and for art classes for children and adults.
The Confluence gift shop is filled with local, handmade items by local artisans, including glass, jewelry, ceramics, and wearable art. Multiple items, such as cards, artist books, prints, and CDs are also available. The inventory is variable and often changes to support the theme of the current exhibit.
Please email info@confluencegallery.com for more information or to submit jpeg images of your work. All inquiries should be directed to Laurie Kain.Contact:
Laurie Kain
Organization: Confluence GalleryP.O Box 716Twisp, WA 98856Phone: (509) 997-2787Email: info@confluencegallery.comWebsite: http://www.confluencegallery.com

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