Saturday, November 28, 2009

Making Book Marks

Book mark materials: scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, paper punch, sumi-e paintings, and blank book mark kits [note bought these at Michael's] The book marks in the kit were so light weight that decided to add a backing of scrapbook paper. I used a paper cutter to get the scrapbook paper to the correct size and glued them together with Yes Paste...

Then I trimmed the very slight excess off and rounded the corners...

Then I used the paper punch to re-cut the hole for the tassel...

I had small Sumi-e paintings that didn't fit on the art-o-mat blocks and turn out to be perfect for the bookmarks. To cut the sumi painting to size, I brush water onto the sumi paper and gently pull the excess away.

Sumi-e before correcting the size and how the Sumi-e paintings look on the trimmed bookmarks.

Brush the back of the Sumi-e with Yes Paste - Hint - I water down my paste.

After placed the Sumi-e onto the bookmark, rub gently to smooth the wrinkles out. I then put a weight onto the bookmarks until they dry to prevent warping.
Finishing up, I stamped the opposite with a Kanji character rubber stamp; Signed the Sumi-e with my initials; stamped my seal; placed the tassel into the hole and affixed a small clear label with my name and website on the scrapbook paper side... Last but not least, the bookmarks are put into a protective sleeve!
Labor intensive, not much monetary return but another way to get my name out and about!

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